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Black Female Photographer | Phenix City, Columbus, GA | ID Photography

Our boxes are unpacked. Ok. That’s a lie. I have a whole office of totes and boxes to go through yet, but the real point is that we have settled in. But the fact is its summer still and the boys start school next week. While we don’t have near the wide open spaces that our little family enjoyed in MN, our new digs in Phenix City are not bad at all!

Like kids are apt to do, my boys have fallen into a routine. Some outside time when the heat is bearable, book reading, tv-watching and some joystick fun when the heat is not. Today was no different. But when my youngest was sad that his older brothers wouldn’t let him in on some of their video game fun I promised I play with him in the pool while we blasted some tunes from our Summer ‘19 playlist on Spotify.

Because that’s what moms do…and its DAMN hot down here so some water sounded good to me! And listen the music…my kids and I have an understanding lol (for those of you that decide to look up that playlist!)

In true kid fashion when my oldest two realized their brother was getting one-on-one attention with mom they quickly abandoned their video games (it was like 10 minutes I swear!)and threw on their swim trunks to.

I am one of those photographers who has learned to leave my big camera alone in moments like these. A few years ago I started @ourlife_project I didn't have a real goal of making it into anything other than personal digital scrapbook of normal, joyful, and powerful candid moments of raising black boys. I have love for black & white photography and the nostalgia it brings when looking back at the images.

Once we were done swimming, I will unabashedly admit that I went straight to my picture gallery and started don't some quick selecting and editing. Which is something I LOVE about phone photography. Having that little camera there tucked away in a pocket or laying in the grass was able to capture some summer time moments that are sure to pull at my heartstrings. The more I thought about it I realized it was time again to give out some tips to capturing your family this summer on your camera phone! (read more tips on capturing your family at home HERE.) This time around I want to tell you some tips that will make your picture taking enjoyable and less stressful!

Black Female Photographer | Phenix City, Columbus, GA | ID Photography

Play first, then capture.

To be honest this was one of the hardest things about photographing that I had to grasp. My kids give me better captures if I'm in the moment with them first. And usually it doesn't matter what we're doing. It could be tossing the football back and forth, or even reading a book. Heck even like today and splashing in the pool. Your presence and attention in their moments works wonders for when you take a step back for a second to take a quick picture.

Columbus, GA Family Photographer | Phenix City | ID Photography
Columbus, GA Family Photographer | Phenix City | ID Photography

Step back and let the magic happen.

I can't stress this enough. Pick an activity and let you kids get to doing it. No, you don't have to pose them. They know how to be kids and you're not going for a "perfect" smile. Your goal so interaction and emotion. You move around them to capture their best moments. I don't even interrupt them I just let them stay busy. But as you move around them pay attention to where your light falls.

Columbus, GA Family Photographer | Phenix City | ID Photography | Brittany Nash

Hand over your phone.

Please do. Your won’t regret it. You'd  be surprised at the natural eye kids have for taking photos. It gives the story of their adventures their own perspective. Lucky for me sometimes my son's like to make me the subject of their photo taking. But really its brings their own creativity to life and when my boys flip through the images on my phone they are so proud. "Mommy remember when I took that photo of (fill in the blank), I really liked doing that!!"

Using your phone camera does not have to be just about taking a picture. It can be a way you teach them about something new. Or remind them how much they enjoyed doing a particular activity. Most of all it can be a way you can better connect with your child.

Columbus GA Family Photographer | Brittany Nash | ID Photography