Word of the Year: Journey | Musings of A Black Female Adoptee


I am not the 'new year/new me' type. But I do believe every year brings a new overarching lesson that I need to be mindful of.

Last year's word was TRANSITION. The lessons I learned about myself were at times soul shattering, but necessary.

Like time can not be controlled and no matter how fast you want to move through moments that are uncomfortable or new, you can't. I learned that I'm not the powerhouse I mentally built myself to be. I learned that vulnerability is hard, but there are people place in my life to hold me accountable for my emotions and mental well being.

I learned that transition means letting old friendships pass on, while being open for new friendships to flourish. I learned I need to let people help me.

With all that, 2017 Brittany wasn't ready for 2018, But 2018 Brittany is open to what 2019 will bring because 2019 is  about the JOURNEY and not about the destination. 

Yes, my goals are important, but so are the people I meet, hearts I touch and lessons I learn on the way to them.