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Protected Spaces are Necessary | Racial Justice & Adoption | Musings of a Black Female Adoptee

Teach your adopted child to protect their space and their experiences.

Parents who are adopting children of color, please listen, this is so important. On so many levels.

To do this you will need to take them to the people who can teach them. You need to take them to spaces that hold people of their race and culture. There is no maybe about this.

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364 Days to Progress | MLK Tribute | Musings of a Black Female Adoptee

When accountability is conditional, or only as deep as some one has treated you, or based solely on our  own experiences is when you know  we as humans are have formed a new level existence. Social media presents us a lot of situations on that we react to instantly. I always get a kick out reading the comments of posts and articles. It always reveals how the lines become blurred when personal responsibility and humanity collide.

On a day like today it makes the comments stand out starkly.

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