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The Magical Photo Box | Southern MN & Twin Cities Family Photographer | ID Photography

"I bet you have a bunch of photos hanging around your house."  One of the stylist commented as I am sitting in the salon. A guilty look slides down my face as we sit chatting.

'Oddly enough" I say "I don't."

As I sit here now I can count seven images I have printed for display on my walls for my family to enjoy.

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How Are You REALLY Doing? | ID Photography | Southern MN & Twin Cities Photographer

How are you doing? 

I stare down at the message displayed on my phone. A lot of answers are circling through my mind, but I tap out a quick "I'm good! How are you!?" 

Honestly, its probably the most put together train of thought I have most weeks. Its not messy. Its nice and neat and wrapped perfectly to shift the focus off of me. 

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Oh How I Love How You Love | ID Photography | Mankato Family Photographer

Moms and dads I have something to say to you. 

I LOVE HOW YOU LOVE.  You are all juggling a lot and life is coming at you fast. And yet you are finding ways every day to show your love doing one of the biggest jobs you have: Being a parent.

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The Moments of In-Between | Intuition Design Photography | Mankato Family Photographer

I am knee deep in editing Mommy & Me session images and I needed to take a moment to pause and tell you all something:

Your in-between moments are beautiful, heart-warming, and oh so meaningful. 

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Finding Myself: Simply Authentic

In  these moments I found myself,  I found a new style. I found that I love regular moments that tell a story of a life; of celebrated relationships; fun activities.   I bonded with unexpected details that make a story warmer, more real.  An expression of concentration, or the spirit of how a child plays, or simply the comfort of two people in love holding hands. And I found I wanted to capture perfection in moments, not in poses. 

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