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How Are You REALLY Doing? | ID Photography | Southern MN & Twin Cities Photographer

How are you doing? 

I stare down at the message displayed on my phone. A lot of answers are circling through my mind, but I tap out a quick "I'm good! How are you!?" 

Honestly, its probably the most put together train of thought I have most weeks. Its not messy. Its nice and neat and wrapped perfectly to shift the focus off of me. 

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Hello 2018 | ID Photography | Southern Minnesota & Twin Cities Lifestyle Family & Wedding Photographer

Its weird when before the old year ends, you know the challenges the new year will bring. When my local Rising Tide leader asked in our FB group what our word for 2018 was, I was stumped. I watched as comments came in for days and still couldn't come with a word that I wanted to live by in 2018.

That was December 30th, and two weeks into the new year I was still searching for a word.

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They Didn't Leave Me Behind | This Is Me | Mankato Family Photographer | ID Photography

I was being watched. I could feel it. Some times it was so subtle that I felt I was just by chance in their line of sight.  A casual 'hi' as I passed by.  Looking me directly in the eye when I asked a question.

But other times, the pullof their grazes was so strong, I had to learn to no turn and seek them out. The glances would make my heart beat fast and made me want to run for cover. 

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